|  The composer behind CrusaderBeach piano music.


All the CrusaderBeach songs have been created and performed by UK-based composer Adrian Webster. Originally from the seaside town of Blackpool in England and now residing with his wife and two sons in Macclesfield, Cheshire, Adrian has been composing music for the piano and keyboards for as long as he can remember...

"I've been playing the piano since very early childhood. My family owned an upright piano which was kept in my bedroom, so for me it was like having another toy to enjoy for hours on end. I never took lessons but naturally developed my own style of playing - discovering which notes sounded well together and working out my own melodies."

Adrian now releases his original compositions under the name CrusaderBeach and his style of beautiful, minimalist instrumental piano music has been compared to that of contemporary pianists and composers such as Ludovico Einaudi and Yiruma.

Thanks to an ever-increasing following on YouTube and airplay on internet radio and streaming services the CrusaderBeach sound is being discovered by piano music lovers around the world. CrusaderBeach albums are available through online outlets and piano players are learning the songs for themselves using the CrusaderBeach sheet music.

Offering a range of musical moods - happy, upbeat, sad, reflective - CrusaderBeach piano pieces have also been popular as background music for short films, videos and websites, and many happy couples have chosen CrusaderBeach instrumentals as wedding songs for their special day.

YouTube comments
"You have a rare and wonderful gift for music. I loved the emotion."
"This is so beautiful, you are a great pianist."
"You are a great melody creator!"


Crusader Bank

"I grew up by the sea in Blackpool and would often go down to the shore to enjoy a stretch of sand named on maps as Crusader Bank. It took its name from a ship called the Crusader - a vessel bound for Bombay from Liverpool which was wrecked on the sandbank in 1839 during heavy storms. The dunes at Crusader Bank stretch down to the town of St Anne's and the remains of its fire-damaged pier jetty (the cover of my album, Piano Songs, features a photo of this jetty).

I always found this beach a great place to get lost in your creative thoughts, so when I was thinking of a name for my musical profile CrusaderBeach was a natural choice. When you listen to my piano music, I hope it takes you to a place that's personal to you. Sit back, relax and enjoy your time at CrusaderBeach."